Lawn Services

At Mantis Services, our lawn care program is performed every other month and / or six times a year. Our estimates are at no cost to the customer and pricing is based on how large the lawn is as well as the condition. Services include: fertilization, weed control and insect control. We focus on grassy, broad leaf weeds, chinch bugs, mole crickets and fungus. If trouble occurs in the lawn in between scheduled services, we will perform a treatment at no cost to the customer. Educating the customer followed by proper communication is key to a beautiful healthy lawn.

Common problems in NE Florida lawns are drought and insects. Most homeowners have a St Augustine Floratam lawn. This particular turf is the Chinch Bug’s favorite meal! Always make sure that if you have irrigation, all heads are working properly and the timer is set correctly with the accurate amount of watering for each zone. In addition, rain is not always a substitute for watering lawns; if the rains are expected do not turn off irrigation systems. Most days in NE Florida homeowners expect 10-20% chances of rain.

Weeds are another common problem in homeowner’s lawns. Mowing without a bag is a predominate way of spreading them further into the lawn. The best way to rid them is hiring a licensed professional.


Ornamental Service

At Mantis Services, our ornamental program is performed on a quarterly basis and / or four times a year. We focus this service on fertilizing the shrubs and treating them insects and fungus. Similar to our Lawn program, we base the pricing for this service on the quantity of plant material / shrubs the customer may have, and identical to our lawn program, should there be problems that arise in between services treatment is performed at no cost to the customer. Potted plant material is not included in our service programs

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