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Question: Can you treat crabgrass?

Answer: Treatment of crabgrass in the form of spraying is not available. There was a product (Asulox) that was excellent at eliminating crabgrass. The EPA however, banned the product for residential lawns. Asulox can be used for commercial properties.

Question: Why can’t one herbicide be used for all grasses?

Answer: Herbicides are broken down into basically two categories. The first is “Selective” and the second is “Non-Selective”. Selective herbicides kill certain weeds and are safe for only the labeled grasses. Non-Selective herbicides (Round-Up types) kill any plant which comes in contact with.

Question: Do mushrooms require a fungicide spray?

Answer: No. kicking the mushroom over is all that is required.

Question: What causes the bright highlighting areas in my lawn?

Answer: Many operators believe it is a lack of iron so they increase the iron application. Result is the grass surrounding the yellowing areas turns greener intensifying the yellow look. The problem is the yellow areas, are probably deficient in either magnesium or manganese.

Question: I have moths flying out of my grass when disturbed, should it be sprayed with an insecticide?

Answer: No. moths can fly in at any time and just the sighting of moths doesn’t necessarily mean a lawn destroying worm will appear. Wait 10 – 12 days watching diligently for any chewed down areas. This would appear as though someone started a lawn mower in your lawn overnight. When you see this then call us.

Question: How does a Chinch bug kill the grass?

Answer: They have a piercing mouth part which pierces at the base of the grass blade. As they suck the nutrient out for their growth they also inject a toxin in the grass. This toxin kills the grass from which there is no recovery.

Question: I’ve been told that Zoysia grass is insect free, is that true?

Answer: No. Zoysia is susceptible to Billbugs. Though Billbug is not an issue in North Florida right now, it will as more Zoysia lawns appear

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