Pest Control Services

Our pest control services are performed on a monthly, quarterly or annual schedule. Service will normally consist of exterior treatment with a liquid and granular product. Knockingcommercial pest control down all spiderwebs, mud dauber nests and wasp nests are also part of the service. Interior treatment is performed at the request of our customers and is not an additional charge. We perform pest control services on both residential and commercial properties.

Residential pest control is designed to keep the bugs from entering your home. Notification of problems from the customer will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Commercial properties are designed around the needs of the owner / management. We are experienced in restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, nursing homes, TV stations, apartments and manufacturing facilities.

Exterior and interior treatments are performed on initial services and pricing varies. Contact our office today for a complete list of pricing.


Some of the more common pests we control are:


Bed bugs are becoming a serious problem in Florida. Each infestation is different. The average distance a bed bug will seek harborage is 6.5 ft from the bed. As the population increases the bed bugs are forced to occupy harborage areas further from the bed. This very reason causes each bed bug call to be unique. Insecticide resistance is extremely high in the United States with almost 90% of bed bugs resistant to pyrethroids. This team knows the problem of treating bed bugs. We have the experience and should be your choice. Call today


Rodent control is one of our specialties! Elimination of these critters is the only option. Whether it is a simple exclusion job or an infestation, we treat each one with the professionalism you would expect form a pest control company.

At Mantis Services we make sure that we explain to our customers in full detail what to expect when we are tackling a rodent job. With the latest trapping devices, it is easy to determine what will fit the need of each job.


Snakes, Wild Animals. Outsmarting wild animals is pretty difficult when you are handling it on your own. Let Mantis take care of all of your trapping needs!
We are licensed by the State of Florida Wildlife to trap all kinds of animals. If you notice any holes, burrows or digging going on in your lawn, let us help and take the worry off of you.
Don’t like snakes either? No problem, give us a call and we can inspect the property and create a plan of action.
If you have snakes around the exterior of you home or if you own property that attract deer, we provide services that can control this as well!

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